Mini Loop Bands

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Mini Loop Bands

Mini Loop Bands are made of strong latex and offer 7 resistance training levels for all your workout needs.

These bands can be used to improve upper or lower body flexibility and strength. Wear them above the knee or around the ankles to improve strength in your legs, hips, hip flexors, glutes, and core. Or, use them in upper body exercises to target shoulders, arms, chest, back and obliques.

Each band measures approximately 10 inches long and 2 inches wide and is clearly marked with the appropriate training level.

  • Level 1 (06-12 pounds) - Yellow
  • Level 2 (10-15 pounds) - Red
  • Level 3 (13-24 pounds) - Green
  • Level 4 (18-30 pounds) - Blue
  • Level 5 (25-38 pounds) - Purple
  • Level 6 (35-42 pounds) - Grey
  • Level 7 (40-50 pounds) - Black

 A compact carry bag easily stores all 7 bands for easy transport anywhere.

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