Arm Care with Arm Pro Bands

Here are some quick facts on injuries for overhead throwing athletes that can greatly have a large effect on their playing career and throwing velocity:

- 50% of all injuries within the ages of 11-16 occur to overhead athletes (Preventative Care for Athletes, Stop Sports Injuries). Softball players rank third among those athletes (International Journal of Sports Therapy).

- 32% of players with shoulder injuries will continue to suffer throughout their playing career with that nagging injury.

- 15% will eventually “retire” from the sport due to shoulder problems.

The most common causes of shoulder injury include:

- Lack of mobility (tightness) in the shoulder complex

- Genetic imbalances

- Weakness in muscles involved in throwing motion

- Poor throwing fundamentals

- Overuse in the shoulder complex

- Ignoring warning signs of symptoms of shoulder problems

Arm Pro Bands has created an entire warm up and Arm Care system to increase strength in the shoulder complex and surrounding muscle groups and create a mobility program for pre throwing.

Arm Pro Band Exercises for Softball Players

Elevated Internal/External Rotation

- Clip at shoulder level

- Arm at right angle

- Throwing arm stabilized in front of shoulder at shoulder height

- Rotate arm downwards while maintaining elbow height


Overhead Tricep Extension

- Clip behind at upper back level

- Elbows raised alongside head with elbows elevated

- Extend arms straight out


Throwing Motion

- Clip at waist height

- Place hand in cuff

- Go through normal throwing motion


Reverse Throwing Pattern

- Clip at waist

- Arm In reverse motion of throwing pattern

- Keep shoulder facing ahead


Straight Arm Crossovers

- Clip at waist level

- Extend arms straight ahead

- Lift right up and back and left arm down and back

- Alternate movements


Kneeling Shoulder Raise-Y’s

- Clip at waist

- Player kneels and raises arms above head in a Y formation

- Player lowers bands in reverse Y formation level


Internal/External Rotation

- Clip is level with elbow

- Arm is at right angle

- Rotate arm inwards


- Repeat movement but rotate arm outwards


Shoulder Circles

- Clip at waist level

- Elbows have a slight bend

- Pull bands backwards with elbows bent

Reverse Shoulder Circles

- Repeat movement forward


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