About Us

ArmPro Bands LLC is a company dedicated to providing exceptional training products for baseball and softball conditioning.

Shoulder stretches performed with a resistance training product like ArmPro Bands is a great way to improve arm strength & health in baseball & softball players. Ball players should perform shoulder stretches during practice, pre-game warm ups, or between innings to promote arm strength & flexibility in the muscles and joints, strengthen the rotator cuff, and to build up stamina in their arm for overall longevity and increased performance.

Using resistance during shoulder stretches can contribute to increased arm strength, speed, and rotational function as well as injury prevention. ArmPro Bands help players get loose and really stretch the arms and shoulders to help a player keep their arm fresh so they can continue pitching or throwing from the field at a high level. Good arm strength and continued movement throughout usage help keep the arm warm so it doesn’t tighten up and begin to get sore or weak while performing.

ArmPro Bands are an inexpensive and affordable component for baseball and softball players to train with and is designed for the overall production of a better athlete. 3 resistance levels allow athletes of all ages and sizes to choose which level of resistance training best suits their game and strength levels.

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