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  • Acceleration Speed Cord
    May 24th 2019

    Acceleration Speed Cord

    Do you know how versatile the Acceleration Speed Cord is for your players??Players can at times

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  • Softball Players & Arm Care
    May 23rd 2019

    Softball Players & Arm Care

    It's 2019 and there's still only about 50% of the teams I see that work on arm care as a team. A sof

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  • Softball | Shoulder Strength & Mobility
    May 21st 2019

    Softball | Shoulder Strength & Mobility

    Do your players have bullet proof shoulders?My guess is not as much as you think they do. There's so

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  • Acceleration Speed Cord | Hitters & Hips
    May 17th 2019

    Acceleration Speed Cord | Hitters & Hips

    A players hips contain a ton of power. In fact a player cannot be successful without incorporating t

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