Arm Pro Bands for Softball

The throwing motion is essential to a softball player. The Arm pro bands goal is to take a necessary movement in softball and not only keep your arm healthy but keep it strong. The average throwing velocity for a college player is 58-59 MPH. How important is throwing velocity to a player’s game? It’s huge. Throwing velocity is one of the FIVE components in a FIVE TOOL player.

The Arm Pro band is a comprehensive system that develops the muscle group’s essential in the throwing movement and throwing patterns. Arm Pro bands comes with a complete pre game mobility and strengthening warm up to promote muscle activation and prevent injury.

The Arm pro bands is the perfect tool for every softball player to start throwing like a pro

Choose the resistance level that's right for you:

Youth (GREEN) - Recommended for Ages 12 & Under

Advanced (RED) - Recommended for High School Ages and Travel Teams

Elite (BLUE) - Recommended for College and Pro Levels




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