Acceleration Speed Cord | Hitters & Hips

Acceleration Speed Cord | Hitters & Hips

Posted by Arm Pro Bands on May 17th 2019

A players hips contain a ton of power. In fact a player cannot be successful without incorporating their hips into their swing. If you have a player that is not using their hips in the swing there may be a few reasons;

1. They don't know how. I know it sounds ridiculous but it's true. Young athletes do not know how to initiate muscle groups unless they are taught how to or are using them already. Most players are never taught how to drive through their hips. They hear coaches use the term "drive through your hips".

2. They are upper body dominate. Strong players that have gotten away without using their hips or legs will be unsuccessful as they get older. Pitchers movement and speed will dictate a players need to use their lower body strength. 

3. Players need to feel movements to train themselves, especially younger players. Most female athletes learn faster from "feeling" a movement rather than verbally learning a movement. 

The Acceleration Speed Cord has proven to be an incredible tool for players to learn how to incorporate their hips into their swing and develop powerful mechanics. 

I have watched tons of hitters with Jimmy Flores to learn how he trains his hitters and initiates a powerful movement from players hips. If your players are struggling incorporating their lower body, try the Acceleration Speed Cord as a part of your drills and teaching development.

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