Softball | Shoulder Strength & Mobility

Softball | Shoulder Strength & Mobility

Posted by Arm Pro Bands on May 21st 2019

Do your players have bullet proof shoulders?

My guess is not as much as you think they do. There's so many different ways to develop shoulder strength, mobility and to assist in the prevention of possible of injury. 

Shoulder development isn't sexy, it's not as engaging as the newest hitting drill but it's absolutely necessary for softball players. There's some incredible movements that you can incorporate into players workouts that will be instrumental in developing players shoulders.

Here's some good things to remember:

1) Shoulders should be worked in various different degrees and angles. Your shoulders are not unilateral. They need to be worked in various ranges of motion. 

2) Back exercises that work on pronation, or the back head of the shoulder are vital for shoulder stability. Most players are anterior overdeveloped (over developed in the front) and under developed in the posterior. These two need to be equally balanced for optimum shoulder health. 

3) Elevated exercises are incredible for shoulders. They don't put a ton of stress on the rotator cuff but allow proper shoulder development. 

I have included in this video various exercises that are awesome ways to keep softball players shoulders strong and healthy. You can implement your shoulder program with any of the products in this video.

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