Softball Pitching Agility Training For Power and Hip Drive using Kinetic Bands resistance Acceleration Speed Cord

Posted by Kris Massaro, Softball Strong on Oct 31st 2016

Softball pitchers that TRAIN outside of the box...

Softball pitchers need to train harder and include softball exercises that involve every part of their throwing mechanics.A softball player must work the hips, legs, core, back and shoulders if she intends on making a difference.They need to do something different than every other softball pitcher is doing. A softball drill like the one in the video above develops hip drive, agility, core, mobility and power. She may not be squatting a ton of weight or performing cleans or huge dead lifts but she is becoming a dynamic powerhouse .Do something different in your softball pitching routine. It is time to create more athleticism and you create dynamic and badass pitchers... Notice in the video above that this softball player is using an Acceleration Speed Cord and a Quick Step Speed and Agility Ladder. These softball training equipment tools are great to intensify pitching drills to accomplish more in less time.

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