Develop Faster Stronger Softball Players using Myosource KineticRT Suspension Straps

Posted by Kris Massaro, Softball Strong on Nov 23rd 2016

Get Stronger for fielding. 

Softball players get stronger by using Suspension Straps for their strength training.  Yes! If you are trying to get your infield to stay low on the ball and drive hard for a ball up the middle then this video will benefit you. The resistance helps softball players feel the resistance and feel how the muscle groups are activated in play and work the ones they are not using.  Single Leg squats are a softball players best friend... Single leg training is an amazing way to develop stronger, faster softball players. Try using our Suspension Straps for a ton of different exercises to get your players more powerful.  The strength training in the video above will help make your softball players reach their goals.

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