Infielders Having Problems Staying Low?

Posted by Kris Massaro, Softball Strong on Jul 17th 2016

One of the easiest ways to promote a skill is to break it up into steps and start to progress as each step is mastered.

Here we're working on the ability to stay low fielding and make smooth transitions. A lot of girls have a hard time getting comfortable in that low position and want to stand up too tall or stick their butt up. Coaches yelling get low or get your butt down isn't teaching them anything. A good deal of time it's due to mechanical weaknesses and inflexibility. So here's a drill to actually teach the athlete proper mechanics while developing their mobility and power.

We started in a fielding position and worked on just the movement for a minute. The next progression we added the ball for a minute. Lastly same skills and added throws. This may sound like a simple drill. It is, but it's a great development drill and pretty killer on the lower body.

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Adding the Kinetic bands to this drill will fire the muscles in the legs, hips and glutes to develop the strength and stamina to stay low. 

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