Softball and Baseball Player - What's Your Why?

Posted by Kris Massaro, Softball Strong , ArmPro Bands on Sep 29th 2016

The evolution of the softball player or baseball player hasn't changed much through the years.  The style of play and advanced training techniques may have changed but the journey of a player remains the same.  Each player starts for their own reasons, and as they travel on a path it's an amazing picture that develops as a player grows within the sport of softball or baseball.  What may have started as another activity becomes a love. It is really hard to describe the feeling a softball player or baseball has if you've never played. It is like describing a trip to a foreign country to someone that has never left the town they grew up in.  They will not appreciate the trip, literally.  They will not understand the various cultures encountered, the sounds and smells or even the sacrifices made to take the trip.  This is the same for a softball player or a baseball player.  Softball players and baseball players make hundreds of sacrifices in their personal lives, put in hour upon hour of training, taking lessons and practice over and over again.  They have traveled numerous miles for one goal and that is to play the game that has ignited countless moments that will forever be engrained in their life.   So a softball or baseball players why, their ultimate reason for playing there is no answer but they all have things in common; the love that has kept each of them playing every day..   It is the things encountered along the way.  The people, places, opportunities, challenges faced and all the lessons learned.To this day softball and baseball players still keep the things they have learned along the way close to their heart. To everyone who loves the sport and has   their why…… cheers..

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