Softball Exercises to prevent Shoulder injuries with ArmPro Bands

Posted by Kris Massaro, Softball Strong on Oct 7th 2016

How protected are you against shoulder injuries?  Shoulder injuries are at an all time high for softball players.   There are 36% more shoulder injuries that prevent players from playing at their full capacity then there was 10 years ago.

Here are some common reasons for that number of shoulder injuries:

  • more players are playing year round with little rest than ever before
  • there are a higher number of games in a season 
  • players take little to no precautions to strengthen their mechanics surrounding the throwing motion
  • overuse of the shoulder without proper strengthening of the muscle groups
  • improper throwing patterns -significantly low warm up time compared to what is required for a player to maximize their throwing velocity

We all know the importance of healthy shoulders and the repercussions of its breaking down but how many steps do we take to prevent it from happening, or lessen the chance of a breakdown?

Here is a few great ways to start making some changes to prevent should injuries:

  • start a complete ArmPro Bands warm up
  • strengthen the muscle groups around the shoulder complex and the lats
  • keep track of throw count for every player

The exercise in the video above is one of my favorites, a kneeling press. It allows a softball players shoulder to be in less of a vulnerable angle versus standard overhead presses,. It brings in a good amount of core and balance and the ArmPro Bands keep constant resistance on the shoulders during flexion and extension phases and allows a softball players hands to travel in a natural plane of motion. This is a tremendous exercise for softball players and baseball players. Get your bands at today for a 15% discount use promo code softballstrong15

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