Softball Player Leg Strength Training with Kinetic Bands

Posted by Kris Massaro, Softball Strong on Nov 2nd 2016

Workout of the WEEK... Leg Day

Here is my workout of the week.  It is a plyometric leg workout to increase leg strength.  I used the Kinetic Bands ( to add extra resistance for Nicole and also to teach her how to use her glutes, hips, abductors and adductors so they become more involved in her movements to gain leg strength.  I love these leg exercises to increase leg strength because they are full of explosive moments that create power and translate so easily for softball players on to the field.   Ask yourself this; as a coach what do I want to see more of from my softball players in the training realm?  More power?   More athleticism?   Better movement skills?   As a player, what do you want to get out of your softball training routines?   These are legitimate questions.  I have to say I hear the same answers all the time; I want to get faster – I want to get stronger... But the question still reamains - are you willing to work for it?   I never hear I want to look like a football player, I want to train in a group class of 50 other athletes or I want a program that doesn't help.  So start doing the work - push yourself and find a program that puts your goals FIRST. You are worth it!

Leg Strength - Leg Exerciese

You will need a set of Kinetic Bands, a box and a medicine ball.


-Lateral up and overs

-Jumping ball slams (she’s using a slam ball)

-Up downs

-Box hops

Try each of these leg exercises for a minute with 20 seconds rest in between each movement for 3-5 circuits depending on each athlete’s individual conditioning... Just a reminder, I like high capacity, intense programs for my athletes. But it is important to only complete what your capable of and make sure to execute each leg exercise with great form.

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