Your Players Arm Care

Your Players Arm Care

Posted by Arm Pro Bands on May 28th 2019

How many of your players have some type of shoulder or arm issue that affects their playing?

That's if you even know about it. Whenever I work with a new team or give an Arm Care routine, I ask players this same question. I'd say at least two players out of team are suffering with some form of arm issue. 

In fact every 65% of Athletes in College that suffer injuries are female... Softball players are in the TOP of that percentage.

I know I've been writing quite a bit of information on Arm Care lately, but I've been giving Arm Care presentations and writing a lot on the subject and the more I expose myself deeper into the subject the more I keep getting reminded how rampant shoulder injuries are to softball players, especially PITCHERS. I just finished an article for Softball is for Girls, and my title for this article is a true statement presented in a science journal by Michigan State University. The entire subject states that over 30% of injured athletes at the college level injuries were due to overuse in overhead athletes. And within that scope 65% of them were female and softball players were at the top of that list. The major theme is that there's a great number of injury among our softball community, especially pitchers. Here's the main causes of injury to players:

- poor mechanics and form

- overuse, no pitch count

- lack of regulated Arm Care and arm mobility program

- playing while injured

If you want to keep your players off the injured list I suggest you control the controllable, add an Arm Care program to your pitchers (and players) routine. 

you can also monitor your pitchers work load and pitch count, get some amount of rest in between pitching days, and DO NOT allow your daughter to play if she's in pain. Do your daughter a favor and protect her number one asset. 

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