Power House Hitter

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Includes: 2 stretch cords with safety sleeve, 2 pole attachment straps, 2 assistor/anchor straps, 1 adjustable belt, 1 leg strap, 1 mesh travel bag, and FREE training download and Training Guide

A player's most valuable asset in their hitting arsenal is the ability to provide power and quickness in their swing mechanics. The most efficient hitters have been able to provide huge amounts of power that are developed from their hips, core and legs. The typical systematic swing progression is:

-Pre-Swing (a players pre-load or stance)

- Stride

-Hip Turn

-Shoulder Turn

-Wrist Snap

-Extension (contact)

Players that open up too soon or are overly dominant in their upper body with their swing path are depriving themselves of a ton of power mechanics that can change them into a completely different hitter.  A player's HIPS and LEGS are tremendous sources of power and dominant hitters know how to implement these significant sources of strength.

The Power House Hitter is a valuable tool for hitters to learn how to implement their hips and legs within their swing and drive through into their power extension. Players do not know how to fire and initiate muscle groups that are weak for them. This is a prevailing symptom of hitters that are upper body dominant within their swing. The Power House Hitter forces hitters to drive through their hips and legs and develop those power systems as a natural part of their swing mechanics.

The Power House Hitter is more than a teaching tool for hitters. It is an awesome method of providing resistance for hitters that are already dominant in their hips and legs but need more power. The resistance provided challenges these power hitters to drive with more force throughout their hips and legs. This allows a good hitter to become a great hitter.

Here’s How the Power House Hitter works; The resistance bands are hooked at the waist and on the quadricep (just above the knee). Players should instantly feel a resisted “pull” on their hips and back leg as they set up in their stance. This “pull” makes it impossible to complete a full swing without using your hips and lower body. Players that use the Power House Hitter as a regular tool within their hitting regimen will develop great power and learn to drive quickly throughout the hips and lower body.

If you want your hitters to change their hitting game from good to great, get your Power House Hitter in your hitting program.


2 durable stretch cords with safety sleeve

2 pole attachment straps

2 assistor/anchor straps

1 comfortable, adjustable belt

1 leg strap

1 mesh travel bag

FREE training download


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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  • 5
    Great Investment

    Posted by Sean P on Oct 17th 2018

    By far the best investment I've made for my players.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by B Cunningham on Aug 8th 2018

    I have twin daughters that both needed more strength and power. This has been great for them.

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