Power House Pitcher

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Includes: 2 stretch cords with safety sleeve, 2 pole attachment straps, 2 assistor/anchor straps, 1 adjustable belt, 1 leg strap, 1 mesh travel bag

The Power House Pitcher is a complete resistance band system that assists Pitchers in the ability to initiate power throughout their Hips and Legs. These incredible developmental tools can create muscle and movement patterns throughout a pitchers wind up and delivery.

The Power House Pitcher can be used in various different developmental patterns

  1. The Power House Pitcher allows a pitcher to move throughout a complete range of movement without inhibiting her mechanics or fundamentals.
  2. The Power House Pitcher teaches players to load and initiate the proper muscle groups to develop power
  3. The Power House Pitcher is a great way to train your pitchers in acceleration and deceleration skills during their movement
  4. The Power House Pitcher can easily be used for beginning pitchers as well as more advanced players

The Power House Pitcher is a valuable tool for hitters to learn how to implement their hips and legs within their initial windup and drive through into their power extension. Players do not know how to fire and initiate muscle groups that are weak for them. This is a prevailing symptom of pitchers that are upper body dominant within their pitching. The Power House Pitcher forces players to drive through their hips and legs and develop those power systems as a natural part of their drive mechanics.

The Power House Pitcher is more than a teaching tool for hitters. It is an awesome method of providing resistance for pitchers that are already dominant in their hips and legs but need more power. The resistance provided challenges these power pitchers to drive with more force throughout their hips and legs.

Here’s How the Power House Pitcher works; The resistance bands are hooked at the waist and on the back of the leg. Players should instantly feel a resisted “pull” on their hips and drive leg as they set up in their stance. This “pull” makes it impossible for a pitcher to go through her movements without incorporating her hips and lower body. Players that use the Power House Pitcher as a regular tool within their pitching regimen will develop great power and learn to drive quickly throughout the hips and lower body.

We also offer the additional Ankle Drive Cord as an add on for the Power House Pitcher for a complete resistance kit. This extra resistance cord allows players to completely work on the push off leg including pulling their ankle completely through a pitching motion versus allowing it to drag behind.

Add an extra ankle drive cord and ankle strap for only $19.95!

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