​How Well do your Outfielders Change Direction?

Posted by Kris Massaro, Softball Strong on Jul 7th 2016

I think this is an incredibly important skill for your outfielders to posses. I've seen way too many players that struggle with angles and change. If you want your outfielders to be legit in tracking down balls and recovering a change in direction start teaching them how to properly change direction. I teach outfield speed and change in direction by creating progressive drills. Players start by drop stepping then changing angles without ball work. Players need to feel how to drop their hips to change direction and move their feet out quickly underneath them. I've heard a ton of coaches tell girls to turn and change direction by opening up their shoulders and leading with their shoulders. That's slow, so stop doing it. Players need to rotate with their hips.

Next I add a ball and give them verbal cues. Lastly we put it all together. It's a great drill to really teach outfielders to field and move properly.

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