Softball and Baseball Catchers throwing | Increase throwing velocity and reduce Arm and Should Injuries with ArmPro Bands

Posted by Kris Massaro, Softball Strong on Sep 20th 2016

How many times is your Softball or Baseball Catcher Throwing?

I had two big A-HA moments recently. The first was while reading an article by "Stop Sports Injuries" that stated that "50% of all injuries sustained in high school students and junior high school students are due to overuse." I also ran into a player’s mom at the grocery store and she asked me for some exercises for her son, who is a baseball catcher, because his arm (shoulder) was in a lot of pain. This made me think about my catchers and how they throw about double the amount of a field player. I see huge candidates for overuse there. Think of the amount of throw backs a softball catcher or baseball catcher does during practice, bullpens, warm ups and games. In the video above is one of my favorite catchers doing our typical Armpro Bands warm up. This ArmPro Bands Warm up is designed for a complete injury prevention program in her shoulders and an increase in her throwing speed. We also do these movements in her primary position. What's your favorite catcher doing?

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