Softball Catchers Improve Pop Time and Throwing velocity using ArmPro Kinetic Bands

Posted by Kris Massaro, Softball Strong on Oct 26th 2016

Pop time???

There is a ton of attention placed on a softball catchers pop time. In fact, a time of around 1.8 is considered "acceptable." Ok, we know that this is important ,we know how hard a softball catchers job is, and I'm not being facetious when I say that. a softball catchers job is demanding and I've always thought that catchers don't get enough credit. They are frickin awesome. So now that that's out of the way, I was working with a softball catcher last week that has incredible skills behind the plate but her throwing speed down to second was lacking. This girl has a killer arm but her confidence in throw downs is the problem. She doesn't have faith in her arm strength. That confidence is tremendous to any softball player. The fear of having a runner take bases on you can kill a catchers career. What can you do to save your softball catchers career?   Develop arm strength by performing great softball drills / arm workouts. If that is her weak link then do her a favor, remove her anxiety, her lack of confidence, her FEAR and turn her arm into a weapon through arm workouts with ArmPro Kinetic Bands.  It's not a insolvable puzzle. It's pretty easy really -  start arm workouts that strengthen the muscle groups involved in the throwing motion which include a softball catchers lats, shoulder, bicep and tricep. Once these muscles are activiated properly you will see an immediate change in your softball catchers throwing and confidence .  A confident player is a badass. Do you have those softball catchers with low velocity?   Do them a favor and have her perform the right arm workouts and softball drills.  Here's a simple arm exercise I do with my softball catchers to develop speed. 

Notice in the video that this softball catcher is using Armpro Bands which are a great training tool for Softball Catchers to help improve Pop Time and Throwing Velocity.  Start strengthening the muscle groups involved in the throwing motion.  You can get your bands at and save 15% by entering code softballstrong15.

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